Are Butt Implants Safe in Turkey?

Are Butt Implants Safe?

Over the past two decades, butt implants have become one of the more popular augmentation surgeries available. A butt implant is an artificial device that is placed in the buttock muscles to augment their appearance. Along with lifts and fat grafting, implants have risen considerably in popularity for several reasons.

But the question of whether butt implants are safe is another matter. The truth is that all surgical procedures carry with them some risk. However, for the most part, butt implants are relatively safe and effective in augmenting and shaping the buttocks.

Types of Implants

There are a few types of butt implants available for you to choose. You should consult with your physician and then a plastic surgeon experienced in butt implants. The plastic surgeon can provide you with all the information necessary to help you choose the best type of implant for your needs.

Body Fat: Sometimes call the Brazilian Butt Lift, this is implantation surgery that uses fat from another part of your body and inserts it into your buttocks. Basically, the fat is removed from your torso, abdomen, or thighs and placed in the buttocks. The advantage is that there is no chance of rejection since the material is your fat cells. Depending on the amount of augmentation needed, it is sometimes combined with silicone implants.

Hydrogel: This material is fairly cheap and effective, although the results do not last very long. The injections do not require surgery, but they also do not change the shape of your buttock area. Hydrogel is safer than silicone injections which are not recommended, but should not be confused with silicone implants.

Sculptra: This is a filler material that is injected into the buttocks to add volume. The amount of Sculptra injected is usually small, but the body will start to form collagen around the material which further increases the volume of the buttocks. The process itself is fairly simple, but it does take a few sessions for it to reach the desired levels. Plus, the medications used can be expensive.

Safety Factor

The aforementioned types of butt implants are all relatively safe, particularly the injections that use your own body fat. The most common risk is that of infection at the injection site. Otherwise, there is usually a level of discomfort that follows implantation until the body adjusts. Other unwanted side effects apart from infection or pain include the following;

– Scarring

– Excessive Bleeding

– Discoloration of the Skin

– Loss of Skin

– Fluid Accumulation under the Buttocks

– Allergic Reaction

It is possible that the implants themselves may slip or move out of place which can alter the shape of the buttocks. It should be noted that the FDA does not approve of any type of injections of this sort into the body.

But overall the safety factor is considered acceptable with the risks being rather low depending on the augmentation that is desired. In other words, the less material injected into the buttocks, the more acceptable the risk factors associated with this type of augmentation.