Dental Implants or Dental Bridges in Turkey

You will read more information if you are searching for dental implants or dental bridges in Turkey.  

You will have different treatment options when your dentist considers about the replacement of missing teeth. Dental implants and dental bridges are two well-known options. As SALUSS Medical Group, we will be guiding you for this decision making process. Let’s try to clarify which one is a right option for you.

How Do a Dental Implant Work?

A dental implant is accepted as an artificial tooth root which typically made from titanium material that is anchored in the space of a missing tooth. A temporary protective cover is placed on the implant during while it fuses with the jawbone.

This process can take time from five to six months to be complete. It conducts an incredibly stable, durable prosthetic. The protective cover which mentioned is later can be replaced by a temporary crown. This serves as a template around which the gum grows and shapes itself in a natural way. The process is completed when the temporary crown is replaced by a permanent crown.

How do a Dental Bridge Work?

A dental bridge can be seen as less invasive in some ways and other ways seen more invasive rather than a dental implant. Unlike the implants, bridges do not replace a tooth root. On the contrary a bridge uses one or more side surrounding teeth as a support on which to attach a crown that can take place the missing tooth space. The treatment process is accepted shorter than the implant process; though in some ways it is actually more invasive because it needs the permanent alteration of side teeth in order to support the bridge. As it comes from its name, a dental bridge literally bridges the gap between teeth caused by a missing tooth. The restorated teeth therefore must be anchored to one or more filed adjacent teeth to sustain the support function.

Am I a Candidate for dental implant or bridge?

Both of Dental implants and dental bridges have certain requirements that you must met in order to be accepted as a candidate. The eligibility can be determined during an initial treatment consultation with Saluss Medical

Performing of Dental implantation after adolescence is paramount it is when bone growth is complete. X-ray or CT scans will be used to evaluate your bone density and quality and in order to determine a potential patient has enough bone structure for implant operation. Smokers should quit smoking before and after the implant operation due to the potential risk of implant failure due to its negative effect on healing and bone structure. In addition, people suffering from diabetes, periodontal diseases and cancer may need additional treatments in order to qualify for implantation.

To be a candidate for a Dental bridge is more restrictive than Dental implant because of the relative invasive nature of the bridge procedure. The primary factor to be a candidate for a bridge is the health and stability on the adjacent supporting teeth. If you have periodontal disease, tooth decay, chips or cracks; you may need to have additional treatments to sustain the teeth are strong enough to support a dental bridge.

How durable are the Dental Implant and Dental Bridge in Turkey?

If we consider that dental implants are more sensitive case in terms of candidacy, the procedure takes longer time to be completed, and they may sometimes cost twice as much.

A patient can ask himself about, why would anyone choose for a dental implant rather than a dental bridge? In order to clarify in one word, the answer is its durability.

A dental bridge may long last between 10 and 20 years before it must be replaced. When the presence of a proper care and oral hygiene, an implant can last 30 years or longer.

So, in short term, a dental implant might cost you more time, but over the long term it may actually save you both of them.

During your consultation with your dentist at SALUSS Medical Group, you will have the best offer & professional advisory in our clinic in Antalya or in Istanbul. We will provide the finest treatment and technique to sustain your long-lasting smile.

We will collect the sum of Pros and Cons of both techniques below

Pros and Cons of Dental Implants


  • Little maintenance need.

One big detail about dental implants is that they can last a lifetime if made with high quality. They may require little maintenance.

  • Natural looking

Dental implants make it look, function and fells like your natural tooth. They are strong and stable and besides they sustain your smile confidence.

  • Protect Your Jawbone

Having an open space in your mouth by over a missing tooth risk your jawbone at for deterioration. Dental implants stimulate natural bone growth, which contribute for prevention of bone loss.

  • No Strain on Teeth

Unlike a bridge, an implant stands by on its own support without putting strain for the other teeth. This sustain and support to protect adjacent teeth.


  • Surgery

Because of the implant will be attached to your bone, it requires a surgery process. There may be complications to consider with any kind of surgical treatment. Some of the complications are infection, nerve damage, damage to surrounding teeth, jaw fractures, etc.

  • Time

Getting operation of a tooth implant is not something that can be performed in a single clinic visit. Bone heals by slowly and the entire procedure can long last several months, around 3 months as a good scenario.

  • Cost

The cost may vary depending on the type of implant and the conditions of the tooth. The cost factor associated with having a dental implant is often what makes people consider about.

Pros and Cons of Dental Bridges


  • Simplicity of Procedure

Unlike the dental implants, bridges don’t require surgical way which makes bridges a lot less painful. All it takes is a simple dental procedure to get your teeth fixed.

  • It is Faster

It’s much faster and easier to get dental bridge treatment whereas implants may take several months. Your dental treatment with bridges will be finalised in one visit with 5-6 days visit.

  • It is Affordable

Bridges are more affordable than implants in generally, and they are still strong and supporting for your mouth.


  • Less Aesthetical Look

Dental Bridges do not look natural as implants do, and therefore are not as aesthetically pleasing as dental implants.

  • Periodic Replacement

Dental Bridges need to be replaced in periodically. They should be changed every 5-7 years period of time.

  • Damage Natural Teeth

The adjacent teeth face and undergo a lot of preparation that needs the removal of a remarkable amount of tooth structure.