SAPPHIRE Hair transplant in Turkey

Sapphire Hair Transplant in Turkey

New technology has allowed for the development of innovative procedures which includes techniques for hair loss treatments. One of the most interesting is the use of sapphire blades for hair transplants. This new technique has resulted in a minimally invasive form of hair transplant which results in a natural-looking head of hair.

What are Sapphire Blades?

Until recently, blades crafted from steel were used to implant hair follicles. Sapphire comes from the gemstone and creates a thinner, more precise blade that allows for implantation of the follicles in a more efficient, less invasive manner. While the basic technique is the same, the results are different as this type of hair implantation is more precise, reduces the formation of scabs, and speeds up the process of recovery making it less painful compared to using steel blades.

How It Works

The sapphire blades are actually smaller compared to their steel counterparts. This means that after the nerves in the scalp have been deadened by anesthesia, the hair follicles which have been removed from one area are now placed where desired. The placement is performed by the sapphire blade that is hooked to a micro motor which penetrates the scalp just deep enough for the follicle to be implanted.

Because the channels that are opened by the sapphire blade are more conducive to follicle growth, the hair that has been implanted stands a better chance of taking hold and growing. This means that the follicles are planted with better purpose to create a natural head of hair.

Advantages of Sapphire FUE Hair transplant

There are several benefits to using the sapphire hair transplant method, especially compared to using steel blades in the process.

Dense Transplantation: Sapphire blades allow for more follicles to be placed per square inch. This translates to a denser growth of new hair.

Reduced Trauma: one of the issues with steel blades is the trauma they cause to the scalp which reduces the health of the hair follicle. Sapphire blades cause less damage to scalp tissue. The result is that more follicles stay healthy and grow for longer periods compared to steel blades.

Less Pain Post-Operation: Because less tumescence is used to lift the skin from the bone thanks to sapphire blades, the recovery period is not only faster, but also less painful. This results in a more comfortable post-operation period compared to steel blades.

Smoother Scalp: Sapphire blades cause less damage to the skin, which means that the scalp will be smoother and feel more natural compared to using steel blades. This also speeds up the recovery time as well since the skin is not as damaged.

For those who are considering a hair transplant, the use of sapphire blades as opposed to steel blades offers definite advantages in terms of successful transplantation, less damage to the scalp, and faster recovery time. For the past two decades, more people are using this type of hair transplantation with sapphire blades. The result has been more success in terms of restoring hair in places in which it was lost.