Eyebrow Transplant in Turkey

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    General Summary of Eyebrow Transplant Treatment

    Techniques Used

    Fue Intake, Sapphire Fue, DHI/Chio Pen Technique

    Anesthesia Method

    Painless local anesthesia

    Before Operation

    Pre-op examinations of the patients before the routine procedure

    Operation Time

    6-10 Hours

    Total Treatment Time

    2 or 3 days

    Full Recovery Time

    Average 7-10 Days

    No scars will be created from your procedure and DHI patients have a quicker recovery time.

    No existing hairs will be damaged. Only the extracted donor hairs will not grow back from their original place as these hairs are extracted from the roots.

    Your transplanted hairs will begin to grow 3 months after your procedure.

    No, cancer is usually the result of genetics, smoking or bad dieting.

    Eyebrow Hair Transplants are completely safe. As long as you follow good hygiene rules and take your medications, you will have recovered within 1-2 weeks and see your results from 3 months onwards.

    Depending on the method, your results will look either completely natural or close to natural. DHI hair transplants allow for fuller, denser and more natural looking eyebrows. You can choose the density and the angle the hairs grow in.

    On average, 200-300 grafts are needed, and the procedure only takes 2-3 hours.

    Your Eyebrow Hair Transplant results will be permanent as the hairs implanted are life-long.

    The procedure involves the extraction of donor hairs from the donor area and then implanting them one by one to the implant area using a special implanter device called the CHOI PEN. The advantage is that the growing angle of hair is selectable, and density is higher.

    There is never a right age for such a procedure. We all have different eyebrows and if you feel you need an improvement then SALUSS is here to assist you.

    What is the best Eyebrow Hair Transplant method?

    As local anaesthesia is used, you won’t feel any kind of pain during the procedure.

    Eyebrow Hair Transplants via the DHI method carry a 98% success rate and we at SALUSS have never had an unhappy patient.