Obesity Surgery in Turkey


Obesity Surgery in Turkey

What is the obesity treatment in Turkey?

Turkey has emerged as an undisputed destination for Obesity/ Bariatric surgical operation. Turkey has made an exemplary progress in weight loss surgery treatment all of that become possible because of their developed highly innovative and technologically advanced infrastructure qualified and experienced doctors and surgeons and most importantly the cost of treatment and the services include in it.
Other procedure include working with dietitian and therapist to tackle the obesity issue by limit the eating habits, set goals and daily monitoring require to keep up the progress

Risk Factors

At the time of surgery there is a chance of Infection and Stomach Related Issues. Also, it cause vomiting and nausea. But all these changes are temporary and with our Highly qualified and experienced surgeon team we make sure to perform the process the as smooth as we can to avoid any uncertainty during the surgery

Future complications

Due to less intake of what the requirement of your body can cause malnourishment in an individual but with proper diet plan it can be sort out by eating and drinking healthy food and juices. You may feel vomiting sometime this is because the balloon, band or the surgery you had gone through for your weight lose treatment also because of less food intake low sugar level might make you uncomfortable but as mention above with proper and healthy diet plan it can be managed by providing the energy your body required to perform daily tasks.


Gastric Bypass Risk:

·         Iron deficiency
·         Hernia issue
·         Intestine issues
Protein Deficiency can cause swelling and skin degeneration.
Gastric Sleeve Risk:
·         May cause Blood clots
·         Risk of internal bleeding from wound
·         Skin Disease
1.       Gastric Bypass : Surgeon closes the stomach opening and leave a small part open so the food can pass through which is too in a limited way to intestine.
2.       Gastric Sleeve : Also called Gastrectomy a process in which the surgeon reshapes the stomach into a sleeve like thin tube, so it allow only a small part of food to be passed through it.
3.       Gastric Balloon : Unlike the other two methods this does not require to cut the skin. Rather the surgery is performed by using Endoscope to place a gastric balloon in stomach which is filled with liquid material. The balloon will be retrieve after 6 months leaving the stomach reduce in size to digest limited amount of food.
Latest Technique; Gastric balloon or gastroplasty endoscopic is the latest technique which is being followed by most of the countries.
For people who want incision less treatment to lose weight quickly.
Age limit; There is no age limit for bariatric surgery but it is considered more risky for people who are above 60.
Advantages and disadvantages; Decrease in blood pressure problem, improved cardio health, relief in joint pain, decrease in depression an anxiety.
1.       Malnourishment
2.       Vomiting
3.       Low blood sugar
4.       Ulcers
5.       Hernia issue
6.       Intestine Issue
7.       May cause Blood clots
Obesity Surgery Recovery time:
For Gastric bypass client will stay in hospital for 2-3 days can resume their activities in 3 to 5 weeks.
For Gastric Sleeve usually the recovery time is same as gastric bypass but if the incision is bigger the healing might take longer.
For Gastric Balloon the procedure ıtself takes 20-30 minutes to complete recovery time depend upon how quickly your body adjusts to balloon.

What happen after 1 month / year or in 10 years?

A person start to feel the difference in 6 months or so, on an average a person may lose 25-45 percent of their weight and may lose 75 percent in 1 year. Also, a person can maintain around 60 percent the excess weight loss after 12 to 14 years of surgery. The timeline of weight loss surgery may vary depending on which type of surgery one may choose.

What are the aftereffects of Bariatric surgeries?

It may lead to dizziness, low sugar level and malnutrition in some patients due to which they may experience nausea and above-mentioned symptoms.

What could be the side effects?

STROKE can occur if blood cannot reach to brain properly and may result in disability.
SLEEP APNEA when a person is stop breathing during sleeping unintentionally this is due to excess fat around the neck. Other includes high blood pressure, pregnancy issues, and gallbladder and liver issues.
Most of the cases it will be covered by insurance company but is always advisable to confirm with your policy provider before coming for surgery.
If a person is suffering from disease which cause obesity close to last 5 year and having a BMİ body mass of 35 to 40.
A person needs to be between 16 to 70 years old and weighing over 100 pounds over the ideal body weight which would be equal or close to 40 BMİ.
Every surgical related procedure has his own risk, yet bariatric surgery has found to be the safest in all.
Treatment is suitable for people who are unable to lose weight those who have tried diet plans already but there isn’t any progress and have a BMİ over 40 may choose this treatment.
In Bariatric Surgeries surgeon change the stomach intestine opening so it can absorb less food, or a person can consume less calorie what he had have before the treatment. Also, surgeon removes excess fat tissue when it’s obligatory.
Risks associated with obesity to live with are more than the Bariatric treatment itself. As an example, obesity may cause diabetes and hypertension which led to increase in death ratio. Meanwhile, in Bariatric surgery less than 1% people died within first month.
Gastric Bypass is the best option on an average a person can lose about 30-32 percent of body weight in first year and then it goes on steadily.
Yes, it’s dangerous when it reached to a certain level where you should take a decision to overcome it. Avoiding it too long may cause Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol which led to Cardiovascular disease.
STROKE it occurs when blood cannot reach to brain properly and may result in disability and effect on thinking skills.
SLEEP APNEA when a person is stop breathing during sleeping unintentionally this is due to excess fat around the neck.
Other risk includes high blood pressure, pregnancy issues, and gallbladder and liver issues.
Indeed, it is not good for a person to gain weight
Inappropriate manner it will lead to many other diseases which result in death.
There is no harm to get pregnant after Bariatric Surgery, but it is advisable to wait 18 months after the treatment because your body is undergoing a change which may not be good for a baby.
It is very rare to gain weight after the surgery in most of the cases, hardly there would 1 or 2 cases in which a person starts gaining weight gradually.
Bariatric Surgeries generally help to minimize the risk of other health issue like diabetes and hypertension. However, it does not guarantee to cure diabetes completely proper check-up is required to get rid of that.
It does prevent liver related issues but not completely. Sometime there might some other factors which caused certain health issues which need to be addressed on time.
Bariatric Surgery will not affect diverticulitis but losing weight does whether through diet or surgery might improve diverticulitis.
It might affect but for relatively small time period this is due to high acidic level in the oral cavity after the surgery your body possess change which effect on oral health.
In most of the cases patients don’t have any scars even if there is any it will starting fade away in months generally those are very small and not visible easily.
Because your body possess change you may find it unseal to lose hair after the surgery, but it is not permanent and something you don’t need to worry about its rather a temporary change which your body can adjust in a couple of days.
Gastric sleeve is better considered to gastric Band it minimizes the liquid intake better than band also results in lose weight more consistently.