Beard and Moustache Transplant in Antalya

beard transplant

Beard and Moustache Transplant in Antalya

Beard and Moustache Transplant

Not only does SALUSS provide hair transplants, but it also provides facial hair transplants. Our expert team specializes in the DHI method to provide the very best results. Enjoy the possibility of growing a fuller and denser beard and moustache all the while you experience sunny Antalya, Turkey and with a full guarantee on your treatment as well as full medications.

The procedure

The procedure, just like a hair transplant, involves extracting donor hairs from the back of the head and implanting them in the areas you desire. A special micro motor machine is used to perform the extraction under local anaesthesia in order to make the experience completely painless.
These hairs are then harvested and counted in a specialized vat and are then prepared for implantation. Depending on the method you choose, your hairs will be implanted via a tweezers (FUE) or an implanted pen known as the CHOI PEN (DHI). You will not need as many hairs for a facial hair transplant. The DHI method allows for higher graft density and much less chance of scars.

Success rate Beard and Moustache transplant

Success rate Beard and Moustache transplant; It is highly dependent on how the grafts are handled while extracting from the scalp and then implanted in recipient area whether it is a facial transplant or head transplant if taken care properly it will have a success rate of nearly 100%.

Recovery period

Your SALUSS coordinator and physician will come for a beard wash and recovery instructions following your transplant. Full aftercare is provided so that you can recover safely, and we will always ensure that you receive the very best results. We will come for your first hair wash after 1 day. Avoid any kind of facial gear like masks or rags. Avoid scratching and itching. Do not exercise for at least 10 days and avoid sudden contact or trauma with your beard.

The graft density

The graft density can be around 25-40 grafts per cm square for moustache and beard transplant which is very high and yield good result.

Side effects

Side effects, though only temporary, include redness, bruising and swelling for around 1 week. You will experience numbness too. Bleeding is common throughout the 1st and 2nd days. Risks include infection, necrosis, an unsuccessful result and hair fall but these are more related to FUE.

The advantages of a beard transplant

The advantages of a beard transplant are that the procedure is an effective and safe way of developing your facial hair and compared to regular hair transplants, the procedure is performed quicker. Don’t forget to check out our before and after photos of our wonderful patients on Instagram and Facebook!

The disadvantages

The disadvantages are relative to all hair transplant procedures. There can be certain risks like infection and shock hair loss, but these are either treatable or temporary. There is a low chance of undesired results.

Treatment cost of a beard and moustache transplant

The cost of beard and moustache is depending upon the clinic facilities and how experienced the hair transplant team and surgeon. Usually, In Turkey medical treatment is considerably cheaper compare to its competitor’s countries. For more information, please contact us


No, only the donor hairs that are extracted from the root are transplanted. These will not grow back in the donor area, but apart from that no existing hairs are affected.

No, cancer is usually the result of your genetics and bad dieting or old age.

Yes, the hairs SALUSS implants are life-long and if you undergo DHI treatment then we offer a life-long guarantee to give you peace of mind.

Just like any other hair transplant, beard hair transplants are very safe and commonly performed in Turkey. Make sure to take your medications and stay hygienic.

DHI patients will enjoy completely natural results as well as a fuller and denser beard while FUE patients can have an improved look but not as natural.

No, as local anaesthetic is used, you will not feel any kind of pain during the procedure.

The success rate of DHI transplants is 98% while FUE is at 90%. This means that while the possibility is there, failed cases are extremely rare. SALUSS has had a 100% satisfaction rate from its DHI patients.

The hairs SALUSS implants are life-long and so your beard hairs are permanently placed.

Exactly the same was as a hair transplant; a beard hair transplant involves extracting donor hairs and them implanting them in the beard via tweezers of a CHOI PEN.

There is never a right age for a hair transplant, especially a beard hair transplant. Beard hairs begin to grow through puberty and stop spreading at a certain age. İf you desire a fuller beard, then SALUSS is ready to assist you.

Turkey not only offers high quality treatment at affordable prices, but with SALUSS you can also enjoy a package holiday with your treatment as you recover in sunny Antalya.

The best method for a beard hair transplant is the DHI method as you can have up to 3 times as many hairs implanted per cm2 and the success rate is extremely high.

Scars are not common but if they do occur then the donor area is the area most affected. These scars are minimal and can be concealed following recovery after 1 to 3 months.

Your transplant hairs are extracted from the donor area (back of the head) and implanted in the beard.