Hair Analysis in Turkey

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    In Saluss Medical

    General Summary of Hair Transplant Treatment

    Techniques Used

    Fue Intake, Sapphire Fue, DHI/Chio Pen Technique

    Anesthesia Method

    Painless local anesthesia

    Before Operation

    Pre-op examinations of the patients before the routine procedure

    Operation Time

    6-10 Hours

    Total Treatment Time

    2 or 3 days

    Full Recovery Time

    Average 7-10 Days


    Hair analysis tests are very accurate and useful for research and treatment purposes

    Yes, as they are used to help develop better treatment options for you

    Hair analysis can be done to give DNA proof to criminal and paternity cases. For DNA testing, the foundation of one hair is expected to break down DNA and to build up an individual’s hereditary cosmetics.
    Hair investigation is less regularly used to test for substantial metals in the body, for example, lead, mercury, and arsenic. 
    Hair tests that are taken near the root can show what medications were utilized something like 3 months before the test

    By gathering a hair test and sending it to a research center. In the event that a DNA test is done on the hair, at that point the hair gathered needs to have the root joined.
    Hair tests are taken from a particular piece of the body, for example, from the rear of the scalp by the neck or from the pubic zone. Hair tests are commonly gathered from the area of the hair nearest to the skin. Hair near the skin or scalp incorporates the latest development, which gives the most exact data about what has happened as of late in the body.
    Hair tests are washed in extraordinary chemicals before testing.

    There is commonly no pain or inconvenience related with this test. In the event that you need to pull a hair for a DNA test, this may cause some minor distress.

    There is no complication or risk in this procedure.