Vaginal Aesthetic in Turkey

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Vaginal Aesthetic in Turkey

What is Genital Aesthetics?

Your labia, or more accurately, the vulva is unique; they are found in different sizes, shapes, and even colors. As a result, we have patients who concern that their genitalia don’t look “normal” or face discomfort due to pain.
It is pretty easy to find various aesthetic genital medical procedures performed in Turkey in this modern age. They are the primary reason to enhance the appearance and let people feel comfortable. Surgeons at SALUSS have experience in providing females with satisfaction where vaginal rejuvenation and genital surgery are concerned.
The procedure includes:
·         Clitoral hood reduction
·         Labiaplasty
·         Vulvovaginal plastic surgery
·         Female genital rejuvenation surgery
·         Vaginoplasty
·         Designer vaginal surgery
·         Laser vaginal tightening
·         Laser bleaching therapy for the genital area
·         Monsplasty and sky is the limit

Why there is a need for Genetical Aesthetics

The procedure majorly focuses on the vaginal ‘tighten up.’ There are times like childbirth or ageing, which can cause the vagina to loosen up or turn slack. Genital Aesthetic or vaginal rejuvenation helps improve sexual sensitivity and make it come to its standard size.
Genital re-shaping or labiaplasty is performed to change the size of the labia or inner shape of the labia (the lip surrounding the vagina). This helps in rectifying the different interpersonal factors leading to aesthetics.


Pros and Cons of Genital Aesthetics

There are many pros attached to vaginal rejuvenation; the topmost stand is vaginal tightening.



  • Reduce the dryness in the vagina
  • SUI – treatment for stress urinary incontinence
  • Improve the symptoms of vaginal atrophy
  • Reduce the recurrent infections
  • Improve lubrication
  • Increase in sexual pleasure
There are many Cons attached to vaginal rejuvenation. The topmost include genitourinary syndrome of menopause.


  • Pain with intercourse
  • Urinary problems
  • Dryness or irritation in the vagina
The number of women who faced the procedure has been reported to have improved appearance with better sex life. They also indicated that they have more muscular bladder control with vaginal rejuvenation.

Different techniques

There are various treatment techniques for a genital aesthetic which include:
  • Non- invasive creams
  • Non-invasive laser treatment
  • Surgery
You should consult your surgeon at SALUSS for advice when you want to opt for cosmetic genital surgery. They are experienced and professional in the area and carry out this type of surgery in a good manner to satisfy their patients.
The patients’ opinion is respected, and if something requires fixing, this opportunity is provided to the patients.


All the surgeries carry one or the other measures of risks. However, there are also few risks involved in genital aesthetic surgery, based on:
  • Ongoing pain
  • Changes in sensations
  • Infection
  • Scarring
  • Bleeding
  • Reaction to anesthesia
It is best for those women who are planning to go further with cosmetic surgery should have an open session with the surgeons at SALUSS to clear their concerns about the genitals. In addition, counselling can help in boosting confidence and clear your doubts.
Patients who are into smoking, are overweight, suffering from diabetes, or having any other health complications are at the high alert of all these risks.

Eligible ones for Genital aesthetic

Any women or men who look out for the aesthetic or have any health problem are eligible for the procedure. This may include fat deposits, vaginal looseness, darkened vulva, or even deformation of labia. To regain self-confidence and satisfaction, you are the best and ideal candidate for the genital procedure.
With people getting more and more information and knowledge about the genital aesthetic procedure, which generally alters the appearance, various ladies opt for the surgery to change their appearance feeling that they think about ominously.
Different ladies guarantee that the size or state of their vagina or outer genitalia keep them or their accomplice accomplishing complete sexual satisfaction.
Men usually don’t find much satisfaction as compared to women. As a result, they typically seek out penile elongation surgery and penile girth enhancement. Testicular implants are opted by those who have lost their testicle may be due to cancerous organ removal.


Is the procedure permanent?

The vagina comprises muscles and, very much like with strengths in different body areas, can be free and untoned with age and without workout. This implies that the consequences of any vaginal treatment will unavoidably wear off.
Once more, a vaginal medical procedure is a significant operation that has related dangers—you should consider these top to bottom before choosing to proceed with the therapy. Vagina rejuvenation performed with the laser is semi-lasting— it simply requires a top-up treatment that could last for a year or more so that you can have excellent outcomes.
The result of the procedure is permanent, especially in labiaplasty.


When to call us

You can come in contact with your surgeon at SALUSS or seek their medical attention if:
  • Significant swelling starts developing around the genital area
  • Blood clotting symptoms may leave you with pain in the lower leg, knee, or groin.
  • The wound reopens
  • You feel nauseated and cannot help keeping fluids down.
These or any other indication which worries you will let you be entitled to the consultation with our team.

Recovery time

Patients usually recover from the vaginal rejuvenation within six weeks which depends on the condition. There are specific periods and their requirements where recovery or healing is concerned.
During the recovery period, the patients will be advised to wear loose cotton clothes, especially undergarments, to keep them from disturbing the incisions. Your surgeon will recommend you to eat well and healthy, along with drinking plenty of liquids. It would help if you made sure to rest and allow the healing to take place.


•Before the genital operations in Turkey

Before the procedure, the patients are instructed to be physically fit for the operation in Turkey. You will be asked to stop the intake of Ibuprofen, aspirin, or any inflammatory medication. If you smoke, then you should quit smoking at least two weeks before the surgery.


•Immediately after surgery

You will be in the recovery room as our team will monitor you until the anesthesia wears off. It is natural to feel drowsy, or there are times when you will not remember talking to your surgeon. You will be shifted to one of the hospital rooms when things appear suitable.




•After one day of surgery

If you are too conscious about how you feel or think about boosting confidence, you can always rely on genital surgery. After the operation in Turkey, you may experience:
  • Wearing bandages
  • Feel numbness
  • Pain and discomfort
  • Bruising and swelling

•After 2nd day of the surgery

Patients will be asked to use ice packs to reduce swelling and pain, especially over incisions. In addition, your surgeon will prescribe pain medications to relieve the discomfort by the surgeons at SALUSS

•The first week after the operation in Turkey

Patients are instructed to resume their daily activities after about a week’s rest. It would be of assistance if you stayed away from strenuous activities, including running, bending, or lifting. Patients should also walk and move around to keep things routine.


•When you arrive at your home

The team at SALUSS will make sure to drop you at the hotel and let you recover. However, as it is well-known that the recovery may take up to 6 weeks and when you have to be vigilant about your health and care on arriving home, you should follow the surgeons of SALUSS.
  • Look after your wounds.
  • Avoid sex
  • Tampon insertion
  • Swimming
  • Report if you witness any bleeding, severe pain, or any symptoms of concern.

•Two weeks after your operation

Patients are encouraged to return to their usual activities but are still asked to avoid any strenuous exercises, horseback riding, or other jarring activities during their healing period. Take care of your medication as directed. It can be an alarming situation if you wait for the pain to elevate and then take medication. You should not drink or drive if taking medication.


•After three months

Scarring will be a permanent thing, but you can see them fade with time and with the use of fading creams. You will be asked to keep your genital area clean and dry. It is normal if you face any vaginal discharge.
Keeping the incision clean is a significant thing that can be done by taking a shower daily (consult the surgeon when appropriate). If you are somehow suffering from a yeast infection, then ask for some medication.
Usually, patients are seen to return to their lifestyle just after 2-4 weeks after their procedure. But your scars get strong enough after 6-8 weeks, which makes things perfect sufficient to attempt, including sexual intercourse, but it is advisable to consult your surgeons at SALUSS. The genital aesthetic is a very effective procedure with lasting outcomes.


Complications of vaginal aesthetics in Turkey

Though many patients heal exceptionally well, there are side effects which people might face levelling up to 2% only.
There are certain complications attached to the vaginal rejuvenation procedure, which are also faced other cosmetic surgeries. They may include:
  • Scarring
  • Blood clotting
  • Infection as a surgical risk
  • Bleeding as a surgical risk
  • Allergies as a result of anesthesia are a risk in general
These types of procedures can reduce the possibility of the complication and side effects when you choose to operate in Turkey, as the experienced and well-train surgeon at SALUSS will take care of you in every way possible.
If your labia are somehow making a difference in your quality of life, then never take any excuse and let your surgeon at SALUSS help out in guiding you.

Genital operations performed in Turkey

We focus on four procedures of genital surgery, which include:
·         Labiaplasty in Turkey:
It is a surgery performed on labia minora – inner tissues of the female genitalia, to reduce its size. The procedure involves different techniques depending on the situation of the patient.
The procedure of the labiaplasty is to address the labia going under two ways:
  • Liposuction of labia which is longer than desired
  • Injecting fat to plum up the labia
This operation in Turkey is considered necessary if you feel that your labia get sucked into your vagina while you have sex or wearing underwear. The duration of the procedure depends upon the treatment plan you have asked for or the patient’s condition.
·         Vaginoplasty in Turkey:
If you are looking for vaginal tightening, then vaginoplasty is the perfect solution. The surgeons at SALUSS help women of all ages to get vaginal rejuvenation who experienced loss due to childbirth, hormonal changes or ageing. The procedure involves going through small incisions in the opening of the vagina and helps in removing all the excess tissues and skin.
The surgery usually takes 1-2 hours and performed by accredited surgeons to give you satisfaction.
·         Laser vaginal tightening in Turkey
It is a quick and non-invasive procedure that involves the usage of laser technology. The major target to rejuvenate is the vaginal wall which can change due to dryness, intercourse pain, less elasticity with age or even childbirth.
The procedure involves two courses with a minimum gap of 4-6 weeks, while many people might have a chance of going through more appointments. Just 10-20 minutes is the major time taken by the professional surgeons at SALUSS, and there are no precautions to take before the treatment.
·         Laser bleaching therapy for the genital area in Turkey
The procedure involves the permanent removal of tissues that turned into dark color in the vaginal area. The usage of the special laser helps in taking care of the issue during the treatment. The 3-4 or even more sessions in some cases are involved, which depend on the patient’s condition.
You can go through the procedure, which takes around 10-20 minutes to complete. Then, your surgeon at SALUSS makes sure you get the best treatment to take care of your needs.


When you feel the enlargement of labia, it creates a problematic situation for you when exercising, having infections, sexual activity, and even maintaining hygiene. Then, it’s time to go for the labiaplasty.

There is no risk involved where losing sensation or orgasmic function in the procedure is concerned.

It’s a general procedure which includes more than thousands of people getting it performed each year.

The insurance does not cover it.

The risk of giving birth after the labiaplasty is minimal. However, you might face a slight chance if you encounter tissue growth, experience stretching, and even laxity.

The surgeons use the dissoluble stitches that typically take 3-4 weeks to disappear during the procedure. Though the scars blend in with the labia tissue as there are multiple wrinkles and folds. The spots will be left but in a very faint appearance. Yes, you may also feel dryness after the operation when you don’t work on the instructions provided to you by your surgeons at SALUSS.

This is not an operation in Turkey that will let you face adverse effects regarding conception. You can get pregnant whenever you plan. But, yes, you may come across some deformation with the vaginal birth.

There should be just one incision mid-line on the edge of the labium which should be very small.

Yes, this might impact the quality of life with vaginal lubrication, decreased erotic sensation, and vaginal laxity.