DHI Hair Transplant in Turkey

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    Recovery Period

    Recovery Period; Hair transplants carry an extremely high success rate and recovery only takes 1 to 2 weeks. We provide all your medications and a touristic stay included in your treatment. Permanent growth begins 3 months after the procedure and full results come at most after 1 year.
    Side effects are limited to temporary swelling, numbness, bleeding, and redness and bruising, which only lasts around a week, and full medications are given so that you can recover safely and easily. Risks include infection and a very low chance of scarring

    Treatment cost?

    The cost for a hair transplant depends on the method and area of implantation (BALD AREA) here in Turkey. For more information regarding cost and method please contact

    In Saluss Medical

    General Summary of Hair Transplant Treatment

    Techniques Used

    Fue Intake, Sapphire Fue, DHI/Chio Pen Technique

    Anesthesia Method

    Painless local anesthesia

    Before Operation

    Pre-op examinations of the patients before the routine procedure

    Operation Time

    6-10 Hours

    Total Treatment Time

    2 or 3 days

    Full Recovery Time

    Average 7-10 Days

    Your DHI Hair Transplant results will be permanent as the hairs implanted are life-long.

    The procedure involves the extraction of donor hairs from the donor area and then implanting them one by one to the implant area using a special implanter device called the CHOI PEN. The advantage is that the growing angle of hair is selectable, and density is higher.

    There is never a right age for a transplant. Whenever you feel is best will be when SALUSS is ready to treat you. Pattern baldness usually starts to stop at around 40, however.

    The cost of the procedure here in Turkey is cheaper compare to UK and Europe countries. All depend upon the hair transplant team and hospital facilities. For more information regarding cost and method please contact us by Email, Facebook or by via WhatsApp

    No, cancer is usually the result of genetics, smoking or bad dieting.

    A DHI Hair Transplant is one of the safest procedures you can undertake and there is little to no danger from it.

    DHI Hair Transplants carry a 98% success rate and we at SALUSS have had a 100% satisfaction rate. Each and every visitor leaves happy and well treated!

    Turkey is by far the leading centre of DHI Hair Transplants in Europe and the World. Treatment quality is extremely high while costs are very affordable. SALUSS provides a touristic stay in sunny Antalya included in the cost too.

    The disadvantages of an FUE transplant include a higher cost and as with any procedure, there is a risk of infection and despite it being very low, a chance of failure.

    A DHI transplant recovery involves strict adherence to hygiene. We will perform your fist hair wash after 1 day of your procedure. You must only use the prescribed shampoo and foam we give you. Take a few days off work in order to rest and avoid stress. You must not brush or comb your hair for at least 1 month. You cannot wear any hats or headgear for at least 10 days and avoid any strenuous exercise for 1 to 2 weeks.

    Side effects include pain and swelling in the donor and implant area, crusts of scabs which last a week, bleeding, redness and numbness. Risks include infection, unnatural results and an unsuccessful result.

    DHI Hair Transplants are completely safe. We recommend you strictly adhere to hygiene standards and regularly take medication during your recovery to ensure safety.

    DHI Hair Transplants allow for completely natural results, as the angle your hairs grow from can be selected and the density of grafts and hairs implanted are much higher than other methods allow.

    As local anaesthesia is used, you will not feel any pain during the procedure.