Tummy Tuck after Gastric Sleeve

A gastric sleeve operation is designed to curb the amount of food that the stomach can handle. The surgery itself can be so successful that the patient can lose a considerable amount of weight. So much weight that the skin cannot shrink in size accordingly. The result is that the person may need a tummy tuck after gastric sleeve operation.

There are several different options available, but the tummy tuck is one of the most popular. Understanding what a tummy tuck is, how it works, and its advantages along with disadvantages will help you make the best-informed decision.

What is a Tummy Tuck?

Tummy tucks are in the class of body lift surgeries designed to improve the aesthetic appearance of the body. In this case, a tummy tuck is not liposuction although that may be a part of the procedure depending on the extent to the tuck that is required.

The procedure involves from hipbone to hipbone. At this point, the surgeon can manipulate the skin, muscles, and even do some repairs if needed. The result is that the stomach is reshaped. Another cut may be needed to remove any excess skin. This is where liposuction may occur as well to get rid of any excess fat.

There is usually some scarring involved with a tummy tuck, but the scars will fade over time. The end result is a stomach that is flatter and matches the slimmer figure obtained through the use of a gastric sleeve.

Advantages of Tummy Tuck in Turkey

There are certain advantages that a tummy tuck after gastric sleeve operation offers, especially for those who have lost a considerable amount of weight. Generally speaking, a tummy tuck should not be performed unless the weight loss has taken place through diet and exercise. Or, other types of operations such as liposuction has occurred.

– Smoother Appearance

– Removal of Excess Fat

– Reduction of Excess Skin

It should be noted that many tummy tucks will involve moving the bellybutton so that it appears more natural when the operation is completed.


As with any surgery, there are some potential issues involved that depend in large part on the extent of the operation. This is why many tummy tucks are not scheduled until well after gastric sleeve surgery has occurred. It is not uncommon to have tummy tucks about a year or more after the sleeve has been inserted.

Some of the common issues associated with tummy tucks include but are not limited to the following.

– Infection

– Excessive scarring

– Imperfect results

It may take a little time once the swelling has been reduced and the scars fade before the results of the tummy tuck are fully known. A tummy tuck after gastric sleeve surgery is most common when the patient has lost a considerable amount of weight and work needs to be accomplished to create a more pleasing aesthetic appearance. Most doctors will recommend diet and exercise first to see if the results can be obtained naturally. However, a tummy tuck is a relatively simple operation that can be performed with side effects that mostly can be controlled.