Butt Implant in Turkey

but implant

Butt Implant in Turkey

Butt Implant

SALUSS welcomes you to sunny Antalya, Turkey, where we offer all-inclusive package treatments to our kind visitors coming from all over the world. With your treatment comes five-star seaside hotel accommodation, full medications and medical reports, full VIP transportation, translation services, shopping trips and more.
Butt implants are artificial devices that are placed surgically within your buttocks in order to resize and reshape them. They can be made of different materials however the most effective are made of silicone.
The procedure begins with your surgeon making an incision in between your buttocks. This provides an opening for the solid silicone implants to be placed inside. They are strategically placed to provide the most natural and appealing result. They are designed to feel natural and stay in place throughout their lifetimes.


There is no specific age that is the right time for butt implants however you must wait for your body to fully develop before undergoing such a procedure. If you feel that your buttocks are not the shape they should be and no amount of exercising can develop a better appearance, then butt implants are an ideal choice.
The shape and size of your buttocks will immediately be improved. Implants can tone your upper gluteus muscles to give a round and attractive appearance as well as fullness to your buttocks. You can enlarge the appearance of your buttocks if you feel that it is too small and if you have an asymmetrical appearance then this can also be remedied with various implant sizes. Any lumps and indentations can also be removed giving a smooth and tight appearance. The positive self-image and increase in self-confidence will also be a huge boost to your morale and daily mood. As you feel more confident, you will be more open to engaging in the activities you were once reluctant of such as swimming, exercise and night outings.
As with any surgical procedure, there will be some level of pain and discomfort. This will only last a few days however and after your return home, you will feel almost no pain. Always make sure to take your prescribed pain relief and avoid trauma and sudden contact in the operated area.


The success rate of butt implant surgery in Turkey and internationally is very high. Studies on women who have undergone surgery have shown a satisfaction rate of over 90%. So, butt implants are very safe and regular use of your prescribed medications will ensure a successful recovery.
The price of butt implant surgery in Turkey depends on the size of the implants, the manufacturer and the package you choose. Contact us for a free consultation, exact price and treatment plan.
Butt implants are a regularly performed procedure although some women prefer butt lift surgery as this involves a fat transfer. Depending on the person, butt implants are the ideal choice.
Butt implants are incredibly safe. The procedure involves a low number of incisions and your implants come with a worldwide guarantee. As long as you take regular medications and keep a high standard of hygiene, you will enjoy a complete recovery
Butt implants can last for 10 to 15 years or longer. SALUSS has adopted use of the highest quality implants for our surgeons. This means that you can enjoy decade lasting results and your replacement can be easily performed.
There are just a few things you must do or avoid during the period before your surgery. Do not drink or smoke for at least 2 weeks in order to decrease the risks of anaesthesia. Do not take any blood thinners such as aspirin for 2 weeks. Try to avoid fatty foods and adopt a positive diet too
After the operation on the 1st day, you will be brought to your private hospital room and given pain relief. The effects of anaesthesia will make you feel very cold for around an hour or so. After that you will feel more comfortable. You will be taken care of round the clock by our medical team. Full catering is provided, and regular checks are made by your SALUSS team to see how you’re getting on. You will be provided with pain relief and serums for hydration on a scheduled basis.
On the 2nd day after your operation, you will be consulted by the surgeon and prepared for discharge. After being discharged from the hospital, you’ll be brought to your hotel with your prescription medication is and surgical bro. The first few days may be painful and discomforting however this will only be temporary and mostly avoided with regular use of medications.
Your first week after your operation in Turkey will be spent at our wonderful hotel where you may relax and enjoy the many amenities. We will make regular visits and medical checks to ensure you are recovering well. Once you are fit to fly, our VIP transfer team will take you to the airport in time for your flight home.
When you arrive home, be sure to avoid any physical activity that causes strains on your body and especially your buttocks. You will be provided with a special pillow to sleep on. You cannot sleep on your back for approximately 8 weeks.
2 weeks after your operation will mark the time you begin to fully recover from any complications such as bleeding and pain. 1 month after your operation and swelling and bruising will have mostly subsided. After 3 months you may return to any ordinary physical activity and not have to worry about trauma or stress on your buttocks. You will have fully recovered 2 to 3 months after surgery.


Surgery always comes with temporary side effects such as swelling, bruises, redness, bleeding and pain. These will only last a small period of time and fully subside after around 1 to 2 months. Scars will occur in the incision areas however with the right use of medications, these scars can be minimalised and become hard to notice.
As with any surgical procedure, recovery may include some pain and discomfort. This will gradually decrease day by day and regular medications will ensure a swift return to normal daily life. Pain and discomfort usually subsides level by level after 2 weeks.