Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) in Turkey

prp treatment

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) in Turkey

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Along with hair transplants, SALUSS also offers PRP treatments so that everyone has an opportunity to avoid hair loss and treat their existing hairs and scalp. SALUSS offers these procedures at highly affordable prices and provides full aftercare.


This plasma is then transferred to your scalp via injections. The procedure, though discomforting to some, lasts only a few moments and provides excellent benefits for a very low cost. Your SALUSS physician will perform the procedure and give you regular advice on hair loss prevention. Have a look at some before and after shots of our happy patients on Instagram and Facebook.


The method involves extracting plasma from your blood that contains growth factors which trigger the proliferation of cells. This speeds healing and stimulates regeneration in the treated area. Hair growth and a strengthening of existing hairs are the prime benefits of treatment.


The advantages of PRP treatment are that it is extremely safe and quick to undergo. The procedure is quick and lasts a few minutes. The results are very beneficial, including strengthened hairs, silkier hair and promoted hair growth. It helps to prevent thinning boost the existing hair growth and help to vitalize follicles with increase in blood circulation.

Risks and side effects

Risks are extremely low and are limited to infection and bleeding. Side effects include minor swelling and redness for 1 or 2 days. You may experience itching or headache but its temporary and when the results come one will realize it’s worth the pain

Scar after treatment

It not a treatment which require multiple hours to complete, usually it can be done in 15-25 minutes plasma will be injected through injection syringe which cause redness and minor rashes due to skin penetration, but it is not permanent, and skin will heal or regenerate in one or two days

Required Sessions

We recommend multiple sessions for optimal results however with just one check-up you will benefit from the many advantages of PRP treatment. Here at Saluss we offer PRP session along with hair transplant procedure to boost the growth, however it is better to get the PRP treatment once in a year to boost the strength of hairs. (1 or 2 session are recommended in a year)

Session cost

PRP is the most cost-effective method for hair restoration and re-growth apparently it doesn’t cost much to get one session. Contact us for more details about cost and sessions you are required to get done.

PRP is an extremely effective procedure that stimulates your follicles in order to induce hair growth. It strengthens existing hairs and their roots.

You should check your insurance policy on what is covered and what isn’t.

PRP treatment is extremely safe and is performed within a few moments.

Regular sessions can ensure permanent results.

PRP treatment has not been seen to cause hair loss, in fact it is used to help slow down or avoid hair loss.

PRP treatment has been seen to help hair re-grow however it is most effective for strengthening existing hairs.

PRP treatment is useful in stopping hairs from thinning and strengthens existing hairs from the roots.

A consultation with SALUSS and one of our medical professionals will help determine your issue and how to treat it.

Pain from PRP treatment varies. Each patient has a different pain threshold and so the injections can cause no pain at all, mild discomfort or high discomfort.

PRP is very effective in the prevention of hair loss as it can stop hair thinning and has even been seen to stimulate hair growth.