Hair Mezotherapy in Turkey

hair mezotherapy

Hair Mezotherapy in Turkey

What is hair mesotherapy?

Hair Mesotherapy, much like PRP treatment, applies vitamins, minerals and amino acid mixtures that are beneficial for impeding hair loss, nourishing hair follicles, thickening thin hairs and making current hairs stronger and shinier via devices such as a derma-roller. Both males and females of all ethnicities can undergo treatment.

You may and may not have providing numbing injections. Mesotherapy has done so by creating micro holes over your scalp for said vitamins and mixtures to be inserted through. A device such as a derma-roller is used to perform the procedure. The injections penetrate the skin at different depths depending on treatment like for wrinkle and fat loss depth will be differ compare to alopecia treatment.

Help to encourage hair follicles because the in contain minerals vitamin and natural extracts, highly affordable and takes less time, less painful and does not require any anaesthesia for treatment, patients can resume their routine activities right after the treatment.

It’s relatively new approach in non-surgical hair restoration treatment not many are aware of the technique and avoid it, as the skin is punctured by the derma roller or multiple needles there is a chance of infection those who have sensitive skin multiple sessions are required throughout.

It is relatively a painless procedure because of the use of numbing injection prior to treatment. Pain is common but depending on your threshold, it is not very discomforting. The procedure, though discomforting to some, lasts only a few moments and provides excellent benefits for a very low cost.

Recovery Phase

There is no recovery or healing period, and you can return to normal activities within a few days. Your SALUSS physician will perform the procedure and give you regular advice on hair loss prevention. Have a look at some before and after shots of our happy patients on Instagram and Facebook.

Success is very high in the procedure. Studies show that after just 2 to 6 months, most patients will see positive and promising results. Oppose tropical solution like minoxidil and rogain which have success rate around 50%, mesotherapy has surpassed it with a success rate of 90% in general.

For a permanent hair loss solution hair transplant is the only way to re-grow your hair, while the PRP and Mesotherapy help to rejuvenate the hair growth by increasing the blood circulation in and provide them vitamin minerals which is essential for hair re-growth. Like PRP multiple sessions are required to achieve the optimal results.

There are little to no side effects or risks to hair mesotherapy. Bleeding and infection are the risk of any similar procedure and scaring is possible. Although extremely rare, damage to nerves is also possible.

Just one session can ensure positive results however we at SALUSS recommend around 4 sessions to fully benefit from the advantages of Mesotherapy treatment. Side effects only include temporary swelling and minor redness. SALUSS offers this treatment at our clinic in Turkey for all our visitors and recommend it to all that suffer from weakened hairs.

Cost may very clinic to clinic and the instrument they use for the treatment. As it require Vitamins and minerals with natural extracts which may raise the cost due to availability and rarity of ingredients. For more details about the procedure please contact on our social media platforms.

Micro holes are created over your scalp with the use of a derma-roller via which stem cell serum or platelet rich plasma is instilled into the deeper layers of the skin. This helps promote hair growth and strengthens current hairs.

Yes, as you can experience new hair growth as well as strengthened and thicker existing hairs. These are the best steps to treat hair loss.

Mesotherapy is one of the more effective and safer methods of treating hair loss and strengthening current hairs as well as stimulating new hair growth. SALUSS offers both PRP and Mesotherapy treatments.

Pain is always a subjective matter and while some patients experience mild discomfort, others find it very discomforting. Thankfully, each session lasts only 5-15 minutes.

We recommend around 4 sessions in order to ensure maximum results. However even with 1 session you will experience noticeable improvements.

Not only is it extremely affordable and high quality, but we offer you a touristic stay with your treatment in sunny Antalya, included in the cost.

No, results will be the same for both men and women. There is no genetic or gender related factor that will affect the results negatively for either males or females.